RoboBowl II

RoboBowl II

With the idea of sustainability in mind, our group decided to continue in the path of the first RoboBowl event that the LLBI Class of 2013 put together while working alongside the LBUSD, but adding our passion for parent education.

Over one hundred and seventy Long Beach Middle School students participated in RoboBowl II, an increase of six schools from the first RoboBowl event.  RoboBowl II provided a positive environment for the students to understand engineering and compete as a team, with no charge to the participants.  The morning began with a parent forum on STEM [science. technology. engineering. mathematics] education, and a college/career pathways for their children.  During the event there were various robot demonstrations including Long Beach Police Department SWAT, Poly High School FRC team, and Shared Sciences. The lunch session provided the students an opportunity to sit and speak with professionals in various engineering fields.

Each of the participating students took home an event shirt, that most wore proudly throughout the day. The top four schools were awarded with over a total of $900 to continue robot development and participation in other competitions. Students from the top four teams were awarded with a medal and backpacks filled with goodies.

Project Team Members: Pedro Jimenez, Jaclyn Klein, Jason Mather, Erik Miller, Brina Romero-Montano

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