2017 YLLB Graduation Page

Youth Leadership Long Beach Class of 2017 Graduation

Sunday, May 21
1:30 – 4 PM
Long Beach Playhouse
5021 E. Anaheim Street
Long Beach 90804

The 2017 Youth Leadership Long Beach (YLLB) Class began their program year in October 2016 with an orientation and introduction day at the Long Beach Airport. Two weeks later, they attended their leadership retreat in Big Bear.  Over the next 8 months, the group ventured around the community from City Hall to the Boeing Company in Seal Beach to the Port of Long Beach. All along the way, the youth learned more about the city, gained leadership skills and principles and have developed friendships that can last a lifetime.

Youth Leadership Long Beach Class of 2017

Maria Barajas, Wilson HS

Bryce Barbee, Poly HS

Brendan Brang, Sato Academy

Abigail Brown, Poly HS

Cassandra Calciano, McBride HS

Kendall Cascell, Poly HS

Ruby Davis, Poly HS

Gavin DeLeon, McBride HS

Madeline Dykes, Millikan HS

Alofaifo Faleono III, Jordan HS

Kevin Fernandez, Wilson HS

Chloe Haynes, Renaissance HS

Karen Hernandez, Poly HS

William Houston, Poly HS

Darby Huff, Poly HS

Camilla Jimenez, McBride HS

Cameron Johnson, Wilson HS

Theo Lee, Poly HS

Amber Minter, St. Anthony HS

Matthew Obrique, CA Academy of Math and Science

Fernando Ochoa, Millikan HS

Emma Parsons, Millikan HS

Sly Pellas, Millikan HS

Gracelyn Pham, CA Academy of Math and Science

Ray Potts, Jordan HS

Cassidy Powers, Poly HS

Mayu Rodriguez, CA Academy of Math and Science

Cynthia Sanchez, Wilson HS

Ahmad Thomas, Jordan HS

Emily Torres, Millikan HS

Elizabeth Tovar, Millikan HS

Megan Tran, Millikan HS

Alisa Walsh, St. Anthony HS

Nicolas West, Millikan HS

Brandun White, Wilson HS

Marco Zaldana, Jordan HS