Youth LLB 2017 – Community Partner Day: Port of Long Beach

Youth LLB 2017 – Community Partner Day: Port of Long Beach

Youth Leadership Long Beach Class of 2017 spent Friday, March 17th at the offices of the Port of Long Beach as well as received a tour of the 2nd busiest port in the US.

LLB Board member Stacey Lewis (LLBI ’12), Mario Gonzalez (LLBI ’17 and YLLB ’98), Elise Roberts and Sheryl Bender were the Port’s staff members that helped host the day.  The high school students interacted with subject experts from the Port to help them continue to plan the RoboBowl 5 competition in April.  Also, they met with other professionals from a variety of departments who shared their personal and professional story of their career at the Port.

After lunch, the YLLB were taken on a tour of the Port.  The boat ride started out with a heavy fog, but by the time the tour made it to the middle harbor area, the sun shone through to allow the youth to see the cranes, ships, port workers and marine life clearly.

Click here for photo gallery of the YLLB day.

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