YLLB Application


Youth Leadership Long Beach applicants should review the following information below before selecting the button below to BEGIN THE APPLICATION PROCESS.

Review each column to insure that you do not have any conflicts/commitments to the scheduled dates below;


you have reviewed the essay questions and will be prepared to write a concise response to TWO of the questions;

you are ready to supply the name and email address of the individual who will be providing a reference for your application to Youth Leadership Long Beach.


Program Dates

*October 7, 2017  Orientation

*October 13 – 15  Leadership Retreat at Big Bear

November 4          Human Relations

December 8          Government & Public Service  

January 6, 2018    Education

January 27            Working in the Community

February  TBD        Community Partner Day: Boeing

March TBD             Community Partner Day: Port of LB

*April TBD              RoboBowl (Service project)

May  TBD               Youth Graduation

* A REQUIRED session necessary for program participation and completion

December 8 is a Friday session necessary for access to City Hall and its staff.

(Activity/Topics subject to change due to the availability of presenters, facilities and resources)

YLLB 2018 class members should also expect to meet on days and times outside of the regularly scheduled sessions to work on service project and other YLLB activities (MLK, Jr. Parade, MLK Service Day, YLLB graduation, etc.).

Essay Questions

Please respond to TWO of the following seven questions.

1. Choose one significant experience that has shaped your life.  What was the experience?  How has it shaped your life?

2. Give an example of a time when you have been challenged to step out of your comfort zone.  How did you deal with the situation?  What did you learn?  What would you have done differently?

3. Describe the most important leadership role you have had, either in your school and/or in your community service?  Describe the nature of the activity and how you became a leader.  What did you learn as a leader?

4. What is an important issue facing youth today?  What experiences or beliefs have helped you to form this opinion?  What actions have you taken, or would you take, to effect this issue?

5. What kind of club, program or initiative would you like to start at your high school or neighborhood that would address a community need or issue (local, national or international)?  What is your vision?  What action steps would you take to bring this vision to life?  How would you insure that their new venture would have a long-lasting impact and be sustainable?

6. What is it about Youth Leadership Long Beach that interests you?  Imagine yourself after Youth Leadership Long Beach.  How will you be different?  Imagine your future.  How will it be different?  Imagine your involvement with your community (sports teams, school clubs, community organizations, etc.).  How will that be different?

7. Describe how your heritage, family upbringing, and/or any role models have influences on your academic and personal goals.

YLLB Recommendations

Youth applicants should direct individuals who are providing a reference for them to click the button above and submit the information through the online form by the application deadline date, June 30. 

If you have any questions, please call the Leadership Long Beach offices at (562) 997-9194 or email youthllb@leadershiplb.org.