One Lawn at a Time

One Lawn at a Time

Project Host:  6th Council District Office
Emily Lapan, Office of Vice Mayor Dee Andrews, 6th Council District

Volunteer Captains:  Corey Merrit (LLBI ’20), Nicolas Cedeno (YLLB ’13) and Shana Giles (LLBI ’20)

Volunteers were able to put their hard work together in an effort to do major clearing and cutting of grass, shrubs and trees at the home of a resident who is in jeopardy of being cited and removed from her home.  Volunteers and a few neighbors pitched in to help the overall effort of making the front lawn more presentable and typical of the neighborhood.  In addition, volunteers will return another day to complete the project by with efforts to repair fencing and clearing debris from the rear of the property.  Thanks to Ricardo’s Nursery for supplying plants to help beautify the lawn.

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