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Leadership Long Beach
2010 MLK Parade - Saturday, January 16

Marching for Dr. King

Adult and Youth Leadership Long Beach alumni came together to participate and march in the 2010 MLK Day Parade for the city of Long Beach on Saturday, January 16.

On the Friday afternoon before the parade, the alumni gathered at the Leadership Long Beach offices and made the posters and signs that they carried in the parade the next day. Quotes and pictures of the life of Dr. King was researched and then were pasted to posters for alumni to carry during the parade. Everyone selected meaningful passages from Dr. King that represented how they thought of him as well as reflected the qualities they wanted to emulate of Dr. King.

At the parade, alumni got a chance to walk and show their support for the values and principles that Dr. King lived during his life. The LLB group was joined by Dr. F. Alexander King, President of CSULB and past LLB Board member. During the festivities at MLK Park, the youth alumni got a chance to interview Mayor Bob Foster about Dr. King.

Thanks to all of the alumni who helped make poster signs, participated in the parade and took the time to honor the legacy of Dr. King on the holiday. Thanks to Krista Olumese (YLLB 2010), Trevon Wickliffe (YLLB 2009), Crystal Howard Johnson (LLBI 2009) and Emily Woodman-Nance (LLBI 2010) for organizing the event this year. Photos were taken by Francesca Baldi (YLLB 2009) and the video was shot by Natassaja Dolgorouky (YLLB 2009).




Trevon Wickliffe (YLLB 2009) talks about parade signs


Mayor Foster Talks About MLK Day


Phoebe McHugh (YLLB 2009) talks about her sign


CSULB President F. King Alexander talks about
Leadership Long Beach and Dr. King



Crystal Howard Johnson (LLBI 2009) talks about Dr. King