A Helping Hand

In order to continue the good work of our Leadership Long Beach founders and build a better Long Beach, it’s imperative that we continue to give leadership development and services to people who want to make an impact.

Why Give?

Leadership Long Beach (LLB) develops leaders who strengthen communities, help our businesses thrive, and sustain our future. LLB alums are committed and passionate about the community where they live and work.

Join the more than 500 leadership givers who are making an exceptional commitment to improve our community by contributing to Leadership Long Beach. Your investment, no matter how large or small, is making an impact right here in our community.

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Leadership Long Beach is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. Our revenues are based on fees for service, sponsorships, charitable gifts, individual contributions, and grants.

Based upon current conditions we have placed our Institute program on hiatus, until 2021.  We will resume Executive Program this Spring. Our award winning youth program will continue this Fall in an online format. 
We recognize that leadership is needed now more than ever.  As we adapt to our current environment, we will provide additional updates.