Institute Class of 1998

Institute Class of 1998

Dan Alf

Ellen Alkon

Jeannie Baker

Mario Beas

Tyrone Bland

Sandy Blazer

Gregory Burnight

Ellen Calomiris

Wendy Chang

Paula Savage Cohen

Sean Fitzgerald

Richard Green

Steve Hilleshiem

Shirley Komoto

Kristine Leathers

Christian Leiva

Donna LoCurto

Barbara Long

Karen McBride

Makoto Nakayama

Erin Rank

Lily Rodriguez

Bryan Rogers

Rodney Rupe

Susan Solomon

Michael Stearns

Beth Thomsen

Felton Williams

John Zahn

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses need to pivot. We are currently reviewing our programs and are offering services virtually to support our community during this uncertain time. We will have updates on our youth program and 2021 Institute Program by the end of July, 2020.