Institute Class of 1999

Institute Class of 1999

Ryan Alsop

Manfred Aschemeyer

Ruth Perez Ashley

Andrea Ball

Theresa Bixby

Jerry Caligiuri

John Cascell

Al Day

Diane DeWalsche

Shelley “Peaches” Doyle

Gerry Fishkin

Jennifer Fitzgerald (deceased)

Ann Fry

Jim Goodin

Rev. Garon Harden

Carolyn Christian Hines

Justine Hunter

Cheryl Ikemiya

Darren James (deceased)

Nancy Linden

Rhonda Middleton

Drue Mordecai

Janine O’Hara

Yvette Patko

Joanne Peake

Ricardo Perez

Dennis C. Smith

Debbie Thorpe

Janet Molina Watt

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses need to pivot. We are currently reviewing our programs and are offering services virtually to support our community during this uncertain time. We will have updates on our youth program and 2021 Institute Program by the end of July, 2020.