Institute Class of 2002

Institute Class of 2002

Craig Beck

Brian Bonner

Russell Brammer

Marcela Chavez

Barbara Cunningham

Rose Fitzpatrick

Anita Gibbins

Jane Grobaty

Randall Hausauer

Steven Hinds

Dean Hopkins

Jesse Johnson

Dora Jones

Cheryl Kwiatkowski

Michele Miller

Linda Ortiz

Michelle R. Perrenoud

Jessica Quintana

Kalim Rayburn

Bill Rogers

Hazel Rojas

Nancy Schuttenhelm

Woody Sides

Hemarun Som

Nancy Thomas

Stacey VanOrsdell

Scott Wilcox

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses need to pivot. We are currently reviewing our programs and are offering services virtually to support our community during this uncertain time. We will have updates on our youth program and 2021 Institute Program by the end of July, 2020.