Institute Class of 2003

Institute Class of 2003

Dave Bauer

Roxana Bellia

Fran Chasen

Alex Cherin

Rev. Gary Commins

Octavius Covington

Wade Davenport

LaVerne Duncan

Bob Emigh

Paul Gallo

Michael Garcia

Robert Garcia

Patrick Goggin

Harriet Golding

Denise Hayes

Willa Heart

Julie Heggeness

Ted Hulsey

Art Levine

Pheap Lorn

Maureen McGlynn

Patrick Murphy

Myrna Pappas

Gwendolyn Parker

Liisa Penrose

Andy Perez

Sherri Seldon

Sue Snead

Denise Spencer Watkins

Based upon current conditions we have placed our Institute program on hiatus, until 2021.  We will resume Executive Program this Spring. Our award winning youth program will continue this Fall in an online format. 
We recognize that leadership is needed now more than ever.  As we adapt to our current environment, we will provide additional updates.