Institute Class of 2014


Institute Class of 2014

Josh Butler

Natalie Chan

Pasin Chanou

Hallie Jane Culpepper

Jessica Darin

Sean Devereaux

Amy Eriksen

Teresa Gomez

Eric Gray

Moy Hernandez

Christine Houston

Pedro Jimenez

Ashley Lynn Jones

Evan Kelly

Michelle Kiss

Jaclyn Klein

Brad Laskowski

Kevin Lee

Alexis Lewis

Michael D. Lewis

Maria Magallanes

Mark Magdaleno

Jason Mather

Gonzalo Medina

Erik Miller

Christopher Morgan

Jerry Mosley

Miles Nevin

Melody Ngaue-Tuuholoaki

Precious Querubin

Brina Romero

Trinka Rowsell

Nancy Wise

Based upon current conditions we have placed our Institute program on hiatus, until 2021.  We will resume Executive Program this Spring. Our award winning youth program will continue this Fall in an online format. 
We recognize that leadership is needed now more than ever.  As we adapt to our current environment, we will provide additional updates.