Institute Class of 2015


Institute Class of 2015

Crystal Angulo

Kristina Barger

Maya Cardenas

Barry Cogert

Richard Conant

Frank Croes

Scott Dixon

Alexandra Escobar

Marina Escobedo

Melissa Evans

Max Franco

Jane Galloway

Naomi Hadden

Damon Hannaman

Emily Holman

Libby Huff

Daryl James

Lailanie Jones

Julie Korinke

Stephanie Montuya-Morisky

Madison Mooney

Joanna Munar

Terri Nikoletich

Eboney Pearson

Christine Robbins

Tiffany Saxton

Dominica Smith

Sidney Sonnier

Caitlin Yoshioka

Virginia Zart

Mary Zendejas

Based upon current conditions we have placed our Institute program on hiatus, until 2021.  We will resume Executive Program this Spring. Our award winning youth program will continue this Fall in an online format. 
We recognize that leadership is needed now more than ever.  As we adapt to our current environment, we will provide additional updates.