Institute Class of 2016

Institute Class of 2016


Institute Class of 2016

Adam Anderson

Daysha Austin

Andrea Cairella

Rene Canedo

Alma Castro

Martha Cota

Francisco Davila

Joel Davis

Camille Donnell

Emily Duval Ledger

Debra Fixen

Lionel Gonzalez

Marcus Hobbs

Danita Humphrey

Jason Lehman

Marcos Lopez

Daniel O’Leary

Christine Petit

Teila Robertson

Luis Santana

Susana Sngiem

Sarah Soriano

Andrea Sulsona

Misi Tagaloa

Tracey Thorpe Wilson

Megan Traver

Tyler Wawrzynski

Sandy Wedgeworth

Dina Zapalski

Based upon current conditions we have placed our Institute program on hiatus, until 2021.  We will resume Executive Program this Spring. Our award winning youth program will continue this Fall in an online format. 
We recognize that leadership is needed now more than ever.  As we adapt to our current environment, we will provide additional updates.