Putt-Putt in the Knolls

Putt-Putt in the Knolls – 30th Anniversary Edition

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Leadership Long Beach’s signature event returned as part of its 30th Anniversary as
the wacky & fun miniature golf tournament was a successful evening
event in Bixby Knolls.

Nearly 150 golfers played the unique ‘mini golf holes’
created by the businesses along the streets of Bixby Knolls.
Golfers spent times in shops, plus had time for food and drinks casually competing in the fun!

Putt-Putt Participating Locations

3908 Atlantic Avenue


3974 Atlantic Avenue


4245 Atlantic Avenue

4236 Atlantic Avenue


4244 Atlantic Avenue


4306 Atlantic Avenue

4129 Long Beach Blvd.

3434 Atlantic Avenue

3630 Atlantic Avenue

4140 Atlantic Avenue


4141 Long Beach Blvd.

4250 Atlantic Avenue

3925 Long Beach Blvd.

3636 Linden Avenue


3632 Atlantic Avenue

4020 Atlantic Avenue


4234 Atlantic Avenue

4232 Atlantic Avenue

3712 Atlantic Avenue


3768 Long Beach Blvd

4130 Atlantic Avenue


3553 Atlantic Avenue, Suite B


3848 Atlantic Avenue

Putt-Putt in the Knolls Experience

What is Putt-Putt?

Putt-Putt in the Knolls is a wacky & fun miniature golf tournament for a social evening in Bixby Knolls on Thursday, September 20, 2018. The event will have golf participants play nine (9) miniature golf holes that are designed and set up by business locations in Bixby Knolls. Golfers will compete in this friendly and low stress environment, which is more about socializing and engaging themselves with businesses.

History of Putt-Putt

The first Putt-Putt was held in May 1995 on Pine Avenue in downtown as a result of Lisa Cochrane (LLBI ’94) looking to help promote the five year-old organization more to the community and introduce them to the leadership program. Then for the next 16 years, businesses and restaurants in downtown along Pine Avenue as well as the East Village and the Pike hosted miniature golf holes and welcomed upwards to 300 golfers for light appetizers, drinks (alcoholic and non) and challenging golf holes. Over the years, some of the challenging holes and receptive locations included George’s Greek, Alegria, Shannon’s on Pine, Appleby Real Estate, Bob the Chiropractor, Gladstones, Village Treasures and more.

Putt-Putt Player Experience

Putt-Putt in the Knolls is a friendly, low-stress miniature golf tournament that is more about engaging and socializing and less about competing for the lowest score. Putt-Putt players and teams will venture up and down the streets in Bixby Knolls playing the unique miniature golf holes designed by the business owners.

Putt Putt Teams

One of the best ways to experience Putt-Putt is with a team of your friends/co-workers/family. We encourage golfers to create their own foursomes to play together (if you have only three or two or by yourself, we will pair you up with other players). Putt-Putt is even better if your team creates a fun and wacky theme for the evening. And yes, there will be a prize for the ‘Most Creative Putt-Putt’ team.

Team/Player Registration

$200 per foursome (four players)

$50 per individual player

$500 for a sponsored foursome (event recognition)

(early deadline September 7th)


With our online registration, be prepared to have a team name/theme and designate a team captain. All event communication will then be sent to the team captain via email. At the event, we will have all registered players’ names as well as team names available.

Putt-Putt Schedule


Early:  $50/golfer by September 7

Final:  $60/golfer after September 7

Event Day Schedule

5:00 PM – Registration

Arrive at the Expo Arts Center
Sign in your group/team players
Pick up scorecard/location map
Check out raffle prizes
Participate in Hole-In-One challenge

5:30 PM – Shotgun Start

Players/Teams head out to Putt-Putt holes
Play Putt-Putt at Bixby Knolls locations
Record scores/rate golf holes


8:00 PM – Begin return to Expo

Finish up final holes

8:30 PM – 10th Hole Festivities

Players/Teams turn in scorecards/ratings
Hole-In-One Challenge finals
Golfers Awards (Serious & Zany)
Putt-Putt Hole Awards
(Most Creative, Most Challenging,
Tastiest Food)
More food, refreshments, friends & fun