Youth Leadership Programs

Youth Leadership

The Youth Leadership Long Beach program is a 8-month program to develop high school students into leaders. They will learn to address issues as diverse as those faced by their peers as well as local civic matters.

This program is modeled after a ‘Class of 1995’ project from the adult program, created to provide leadership development opportunities for local high school students.

Program Goals

Civic & Ethical Issues

Develop a base of high school students who will take leadership roles in addressing civic and ethical issues confronting themselves, their peers, and their community.

Problem Solving

Empower youth to serve as community trustees by learning the importance of solving community issues through personal responsibility, teamwork, and principled leadership.

What We Stand For

The Youth Leadership Long Beach motto is to “discover the leader within.” The goal is to empower students to build an awareness of the community in which they live, beyond the boundaries of their school or home. We want them to be challenged to explore their own personal limits, embrace diversity, and create opportunities for friendships and fellowship outside their regular familiar circles.

Project Timeline

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Youth Leadership Past Graduates