Youth Leadership Program

Youth Leadership

The Youth Leadership Long Beach program is a 8-month program to develop high school students into leaders. They will learn to address issues as diverse as those faced by their peers as well as local civic matters.

This program is modeled after a ‘Class of 1995’ project from the adult program, created to provide leadership development opportunities for local high school students.

Program Goals

Civic & Ethical Issues

Develop a base of high school students who will take leadership roles in addressing civic and ethical issues confronting themselves, their peers, and their community.

Problem Solving

Empower youth to serve as community trustees by learning the importance of solving community issues through personal responsibility, teamwork, and principled leadership.

What We Stand For

The Youth Leadership Long Beach motto is to “discover the leader within.” The goal is to empower students to build an awareness of the community in which they live, beyond the boundaries of their school or home. We want them to be challenged to explore their own personal limits, embrace diversity, and create opportunities for friendships and fellowship outside their regular familiar circles.

The Program

Topics and Principles

The eight-month program is focused around topics relating to youth leadership issues (human relations, educational opportunities, careers, healthcare, etc.) and sessions are centered around the core leadership principles: integrity, ethics, accountability, respect, commitment, courage, trusteeship, congruence, compassion, vision, values, personal responsibility and service.


The program includes a three-day weekend retreat in the mountains, classroom sessions at community sites such as City Hall, the Airport and CSULB, and concludes with a graduation ceremony. Along with attending the class sessions, the program participants will create and implement a community service project to bring about positive change in the Long Beach community.

Youth Leadership Long Beach Class of 2018

Roberto Andrade, Jordan High School

Nouchka Apostol, Lakewood High School

Alicia Casey, Millikan High School

Paula Bianca Clemente, Poly High School

Elaine Contreras, Jordan High School

Shania Day, McBride High School

Joelle De Leon, St. Anthony High School

Maria Dominguez, Jordan High School

Kimberly Flores Marroquin, Wilson High School

Chloe Fuson, Poly High School

Andrew Gonzales, St. Anthony High School

Imani Harris, Poly High School

Mia Hernandez-Perez, Renaissance High School

Marisol Herrera, Cabrillo High School

Christopher Holland, McBride High School

La Nyah’a Horton, CA Academy of Math & Science

Isaac Julian, Wilson High School

Jayna Kaveney, Millikan High School

Miguel Magallanes, Beach High School

Chriselina Maiava, Lakewood High School

Shane Nantais, Wilson High School

Anthony Peraza, CA Academy of Math & Science

Miles Perry, Poly High School

Montserrat Pineda, McBride High School

Christine Porciuncula, CA Academy of Math & Science

Jason Rivero, Wilson High School

Jack Schwarz Poly High School

Zachary Smith, Sato Academy of Math & Science

Kongkear Sross, Jordan High School

Hannah Torres, Millikan High School

Edna Tovar, Millikan High School

Pafracio Vallente, CA Academy of Math & Science

Isaiah Walker, Wilson High School

Autumn Watts, Wilson High School

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