March 2019 Leadership Connections

March 2019 Leadership Connections

Nearly 75 people attended the March 2019 Leadership Connections at The Hubb, 100 W. Broadway, on a slightly chilly Monday, March 4th.  Current Institute Class members April Walker and Derek Wratchford spoke about their experiences in the program for the past seven months. They mentioned their perceptions of the Long Beach and the organization has grown in the past year and how they value the program for showing them more about Long Beach than they knew before.

Executive Leadership Series alumna Tracy Colunga (ELS ’18) shared with the audience examples of  personal and professional growth made by members of her cohort group last year and the benefits gained through being in Leadership Long Beach.

Thanks to the Hubb and the staff at George’s Greek Cafe for their assistance with the event.  Special thanks to Joy Contreras (LLBI ’17), Katie Larson (LLBI ’17), Brenda McDowell (LLBI ’17) and Montserrat Pineda (YLLB ’18) for planning and volunteering at the event.

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