Leadership Foundations

Leadership Foundations

The Foundations program is designed to serve cohorts of young adults (18-26 year olds) helping them gain leadership and values awareness to foster a path of personal growth and development. Currently working with Pacific Gateway Investment Network, LLB utilizes the Camp Fire USA facility in Long Beach to emulate a leadership retreat experience with adult and youth (college age) alumni serving as group facilitators.

The objectives of the program are to shape a supportive culture within each cohort while guiding each participant toward a mental readiness and optimism toward their future. Additionally, the program will focus on building a framework around six carefully selected principles of leadership, which will serve as building blocks in the participant’s’ personal development while moving through this program. The leadership principles are: Vision, Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Courage and Commitment. Lastly, participants will experience multiple elements of teamwork as a foundation to serve as a better leader.

The program will reach its objectives through a detailed plan, built by a diverse set of professionals in the areas of education and leadership development. Through a progression of group activities, personal reflection, individual challenges, and large group dialogue, the cumulative experience for individuals will shape and prepare them for their next steps personally and professionally.


• Develop the confidence to step out of your comfort zone toward personal growth.

• Learn and experience six foundational leadership principles.

• Practice and discuss the process of teamwork in order to better serve as a leader.

• Begin connecting with the supportive network of the Leadership Long Beach Program.

• Have fun and trust the process of discovery and growth.

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