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Creating Leadership Programs For Over 30 Years

Since 1989, Leadership Long Beach, has helped inspire, create, and cultivate the more than 2,000 engaged alumni to give back to Long Beach. Our programs, centered on principled leadership, serve the community through educating and motivating our participants about issues and information important to the future of our city.


From the Mayor of Long Beach to the PTA parent to the Director at Boeing to the high school student council leader, our network of Leadership Long Beach alumni encompasses the diversity of Long Beach all working towards the goal of making Long Beach the best city it can be. Our alumni have shared experiences centered around our leadership principles that enable them to set imaginative yet realistic goals, and to meet them through coordinated and effective strategies.


our foundation

“There were eight of us who came together in parking lot conversations in 1987. Community leaders representing widely diverse areas: education, business, media, law, social services, public relations and nonprofits. The conversations centered around the growing diversity of our City and the need to unite our neighborhoods and communities through a program that supported the individual development of ethical, informed and connected leaders. I so vividly recall WHY Leadership LB was founded. We were united in the belief that every person is a caretaker at heart, we (must) have the will to reach out and make the life of even ONE other person better, and a core belief that every human person has value and the power and potential to bring healing to others. Leadership Long Beach has had an impact on so many lives while helping make this community a better place to live.”


-Gina Rushing Maguire, Leadership Long Beach Founder


Board of Directors


Dawn McIntosh - ELS ’21

City of Long Beach, City Attorney

President Elect, VP of Development

Tracey Thorpe® - LLBI ’16

Realtor Coldwell Banker Long Beach


Stefanie Clavery - LLBI ’23

City of Long Beach Utilities Department


Angelica Wheaton - LLBI ’22

Pacific Business Partners

VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Ish Salamanca - LLBI ’22

City of Long Beach, Health Department

VP of Engagement

Gerard Greenidge - LLBI ’22


Board Members

Lori Andrews - ELS ‘19, LLBI ‘20

Lynwood School District

Avis Atkins McPhail - LLBI ’22

Amazon Web Services

Martha Bayer - LLBI ’23

YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Sheryl Bender - ELS’19

City of Long Beach, Parks Recreation and Marine

Ryan Bender

Reid Branche-Wilson, LLBI '24

City of Long Beach Police

Valerie Brown

Paula Crowell, LLBI '24

Shaunna Hardesty


Marcus Hobbs - LLBI ’16

Habitat for Humanity

Abigail Mejia - LLBI '17

Office of State Senator Lena Gonzalez

Claudia Mendoza - LLBI ’23

YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Lisa Poorman - LLBI '24


Lydia Ramos-Mendoza

LLRM Creativa

Desiree Rew - LLBI ’20

Desiree Eats and Travels LLC

Alvaro Rodriguez - LLBI '24

YMCA of Greater Long Beach

Thelma Valenzuela - LLBI ’23

Long Beach Public Library Foundation

Erin Wilson - LLBI ’17

Rancho Los Alamitos


Executive Director

Sean Devereaux - LLBI ’14, ELS ’21

Program Director

Raelene Child - LLBI ’22

Director of Alumni and Donor Engagement

Matt Guardabascio - ELS ’21


Executive Director

Sean Devereaux - LLBI ’14, ELS ’21

Program Director

Raelene Child - LLBI ’22

Director of Alumni and Donor Engagement

Matt Guardabascio - ELS ’21

Honorary Board of Governors

Rich Archbold

Colleen Bentley

Jean Bixby Smith

Lou Anne Bynum

Dr. Vance Caesar

Wendy Chang

Gayle Clock

Rolando Cruz

Veronica Dávalos

Gloria Deukmejian

Laura Doud

Dr. Minnie Douglas

Anne and Bob Emigh

Marcelle Epley

Nancy Gaines

Robert Garcia

Cathy Gies 

John Glaza

Randy Gordon

Jim Gray

John Hancock

CJ Harmatz

Reginald Harrison

Doug Haubert

Randy Hausauer

Skip Keesal

Wayne Kistner

James Kruger

Ann Lentzner

Gina Rushing Maguire

Olivia Maiser

Dennis Moore

George Murchison

Dave Neary

Beverly O’Neill

Wilma Powell

Ryan Rayburn

Peter Ridder

Jill Rosenberg

Judy Ross

Drew Schneider

Woody Sides

Darick Simpson

Dennis C. Smith

Pam Spoo

Henry Taboada

Donita Van Horik

Dr. Mike Walter

Felton Williams

Christina Winting

Leadership Long Beach Institute

Applications for our Institute Program are being accepted through Sunday, July 7th.